Warranty Information

Sound Exterior Inspections, LLC adheres to the MoistureFree Inspection Protocol set forth by Moisture Warranty Corporation. This protocol is used during the inspection process as well as within our inspection reports which gives us the ability to assist homeowners and building owners with obtaining a MoistureFree Warranty.

For any of our clients interested in purchasing a MoistureFree Warranty, we will submit a completed inspection report to Moisture Warranty Corporation for review. If remediation is necessary to meet the warranty requirements, a Certified Repair Analysis itemizing the necessary repairs will be prepared and provided to the homeowner/building owner. If requested, a list of remedial contractors in your area will be provided.

If remediation is required, we will perform a remediation follow-up inspection once we are informed that the remediation has been completed and prepare a remediation follow-up inspection report documenting that the remediation has been completed to Moisture Warranty Corporationís protocol and submit it to Moisture Warranty Corporation. A MoistureFree Warranty will be issued upon review by Moisture Warranty Corporation.

Interim inspections are included and scheduled by Moisture Warranty Corporation at 18 month intervals as part of the 3-Year and 5-Year MoistureFree Warranty.